Kevin Clark Nicholas arrested for bestiality videos depicting children

Week of 9/18/2017

I was skeptical when I first heard bestiality is connected with child exploitation. But in less than a year, I've seen too many recent news reports of kids and animals who are simultaneously violated.
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Week of 9/11/2017

A former Missouri lunch lady was just sentenced to 18 years without parole for making porn videos with kids and dogs. Sex with dogs (and other animals) is still okay in the eyes of Kentucky law.
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Bestiality is a felony in Virginia

Week of 08/14/17

A Virginia dog breeder/trainer is under investigation for (among other things) a video in which he and his wife "get it on" with a Doberman Pinscher.
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Ipswitch SD man charged with 2 counts of bestiality for raping calf

Week of 7/31/2017

Pierre outlawed bestiality, so when a farmer in Bath caught this 56-year-old man raping his four-week-old calf, the man was arrested and now faces two felony counts.
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The F in KFC isn't just for Fried, is it?

Week of 7/10/2017

The F in KFC isn't just for "Fried," is it? Here in Kentucky, sex with chickens (just like sex with any animal) is still legal.
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Hendersonville NC man arrested after getting stuck in pig's vagina

Week of 6/19/2017

David Chavez of Hendersonville, NC was recently arrested for shtupping a pig. That in itself is not jaw-droppingly unusual, but then there's the condition in which local police discovered Chavez and his victim. Are you sitting down?
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I’m a seasoned animal welfare advocate and activist. So I thought I knew how Kentucky laws address (or fail to address) animal abuse. But I just learned that animal sexual abuse is not a crime in Kentucky. In fact, it’s not even a misdemeanor.

I know Kentucky still ranks at the bottom of the manure pile when we compare state laws about animals. But proud Christians are the majority if not the entirety of the General Assembly. I thought that followers of Jesus Christ could not remain silent while powerless animals are routinely raped. Even if the victims are “just dumb animals,” our state lawmakers couldn’t stand for that.
Animal sexual abuse has human victims

Animal sexual abuse has human victims, too

Despite what you might think, the victims of animal sexual abuse aren’t just animals. And our most pious public servants have done little if anything to stop it. Maybe that’s because they don’t yet know that animal rapists also hurt humans.

Criminal justice professionals already know about the connection between bestiality and violence against people. I don’t work in criminal justice, so I had to look it up. And in just a few minutes online, I saw more evidence than I wanted to.

If you want the short version, this 2014 National District Attorneys Association report makes it clear. When someone rapes an animal, there’s a strong chance the rapist will also abuse (or has already abused) vulnerable people.

It all boils down to this. Women, children and the elderly are in danger while active animal rapists walk among us.

What are they doing about bestiality in Frankfort?

Senate and House leaders have said the General Assembly would not consider any animal-related bills in 2017. Even if they would, the hunting and farming lobbies that run both chambers are determined to stop any bill that faintly smells of compassion. Seems that in their view, sexual predators roaming our streets are not a problem.

What we can do

Even if the current legislature offers no hope, we still can educate ourselves and each other so that future lawmakers will do better. Not only do we need to know which candidates to elect — we also need to know how to educate them about subjects they would rather avoid.

That’s why I made this website. It’s a place for concerned Kentuckians of all sorts to share knowledge about animal sexual abuse. Bestiality is a scary subject, and few lawmakers will face it. They may be scared it will hurt their political careers.

But to sacrifice public safety for face-saving is not leadership. We the citizens must be the first to address it.

Knowledge is power. And if we share knowledge freely, then we empower each other. In this way, we can begin to protect the powerless.

The Wrangler Initiative

It takes time, effort and communication to win hearts and minds. Please join us as we gather groups of informed Kentuckians to meet with their legislators long before the 2018 session. It doesn’t cost anything, but it will make the difference between banning animal rape in Kentucky and preserving the status quo. Join us now and help us prevent violent crime in Kentucky.