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  • Last week, a convicted child predator was charged under Ohio’s new bestiality law. Face it: predation on children and predation on animals are often perpetrated by the same criminals. But in the Bluegrass State, […]

  • Sean wrote a new post, Week of 9/18/2017 1 month ago

    I was skeptical when I first heard bestiality is connected with child exploitation. But in less than a year, I’ve seen too many recent news reports (like this one) of kids and animals who are […]

  • A former Missouri lunch lady was just sentenced to 18 years without parole for making porn videos with kids and dogs. Bestiality is a misdemeanor in Missouri, so sexually assaulting dogs could not have added more […]

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  • Sean wrote a new post, Week of 08/14/17 2 months ago

    A Virginia dog breeder/trainer is under investigation for (among other things) a video in which he and his wife “get it on” with a Doberman Pinscher. Owning zoosexual porn is legal in VA, but zoosexual activity is […]

  • Farmers in South Dakota are lucky. Pierre outlawed bestiality, so when a farmer in Bath caught this 56-year-old man raping his four-week-old calf, the man was arrested and now faces two felony counts.

    The […]

  • The F in KFC isn’t just for “Fried,” is it? Here in Kentucky, sex with chickens (just like sex with any animal) is still legal. The only way prosecutors can get an animal rapist locked up is if the animal is […]

  • Think you’ve seen and heard it all? Before answering, consider David Chavez of Hendersonville, NC. Chavez was recently arrested for shtupping a pig. That in itself is not jaw-droppingly unusual, but then there’s […]

  • Being a police officer doesn’t necessarily make someone more honest or trustworthy than anyone else. But while you & I may choose to read about this stuff in the news, cops are working these criminal cases day and […]

  • Sean wrote a new post, Week of 5/29/2017 5 months ago

    For people who sexually abuse animals, what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. It doesn’t even stay in the state of Nevada.

    Governor Brian Sandoval just signed Assembly Bill 391 into law, making animal […]

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  • A West Virginia man was recently charged with animal cruelty after the dog he allegedly raped had to be euthanized because her injuries were untreatable.

    Victor Zandlo’s dog Grace was brought to Wyoming County […]

  • During the two months that I’ve been tracking and covering bestiality crimes in the U.S. news, I’ve seen several comments (all from women) suggesting the perpetrators should be shot. Literally.

    I suppose […]

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  • Sometimes when Kentucky lawmakers hear a proposal for a new law that would protect animals against abuse and cruelty, their automatic responses are “1) We already have enough laws protecting animals,” and “2) The […]

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