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Week of 3/20/17

Week of 3/20/17

What happens when an Indiana appeals court overturns a bestiality conviction on grounds that there was no “physical injury to the dog’s sex organ”? It looks like we’re about to find out.

Last week, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill petitioned the Indiana Supreme Court to reinstate an April 2015 bestiality conviction for “Uncle Andy” Shinnock. The IN AG says the court would set “a dangerous precedent” if it allows the appellate ruling to stand. Hill is concerned that rejecting “corroborating evidence” when there are no physical injuries or statements from victims would open the door to overturning countless convictions of child molesters whose victims were too young to verbalize the ways in which their assailants violated them. And yes, according to Gannett, Mr. Shinnock is also a child molester. An animal rapist who preys upon children too — what a surprise!

Meanwhile, Ohio’s new bestiality ban went into effect this week. While it’s encouraging to know that Ohio can finally prosecute people who rape animals, this comes at a price. SB 331 revokes Ohio municipalities’ right to exceed federal and state minimum wage laws. It also revokes Ohio municipalities’ right to bar pet stores within their jurisdictions from sourcing their dogs from puppy mills. So while you can no longer have sex with animals in Ohio legally, you can once again sell dogs that were bred in deplorable conditions while you pay your employees less than the local minimum wage. Bruce Springsteen leaps to mind: “Somewhere along the line I slipped off track — moving one step up and two steps back.”

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  1. Week of 4/3/2017 – wtfky
    […] It just goes to show how quickly state legislators can begin to seriously consider the impact of animal rape. In Ohio, all it took was one widely publicized that compelled one city to enact an ordinance. And in less than a year, bestiality was banned statewide, albeit at a substantial cost. […]