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Week of 5/29/2017 – wtfky
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Week of 5/29/2017

Week of 5/29/2017

NV Gov signs felony bestiality bill into law

For people who sexually abuse animals, what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. It doesn’t even stay in the state of Nevada.

Governor Brian Sandoval just signed Assembly Bill 391 into law, making animal rape a felony in Nevada. This makes Kentucky one of just seven states where animal rape is not against the law.

In a radio interview on May 1st (referenced here — scrub to around 33:20), Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin said it would be at least ten years before gambling becomes legal in the Bluegrass State. So if you’re a Nevadan animal rapist who is addicted to gambling, maybe you’re thinking it’s time to move to Kentucky. Bestiality is still completely legal in Kentucky, and powerful special interest groups have sworn a blood oath to keep it that way. But before you point your stolen car for the Appalachians, please consider that gambling isn’t legal in Kentucky. There are no casinos here. A far better place for you to relocate would be Wyoming or West Virginia. Both are gambling-friendly states with no laws against bestiality. Well, WV was considering a bill to outlaw animal rape just this year, so you’re probably safest in Wyoming. But definitely not Kentucky.

Nevada’s new bestiality ban goes into effect October 1, 2017. Congratulations to our friends out West for making it happen.