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Week of 7/10/2017 – wtfky
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Week of 7/10/2017

Week of 7/10/2017

Oregon man sentenced for felonious chicken rape

The F in KFC isn’t just for “Fried,” is it? Here in Kentucky, sex with chickens (just like sex with any animal) is still legal. The only way prosecutors can get an animal rapist locked up is if the animal is physically injured during the assault.

In Oregon, the F is for Felony. Just ask 27-year-old Joshua Brian Woltmon. According to court documents, Mr. Woltmon was arrested in May for touching the sex organs of a chicken “unlawfully and for the purpose of arousing and gratifying the sexual desire of a person.” He was sentenced earlier this month for two years probation, and he must register as a sex offender.

In Kentucky, we’re already known for frying chickens and fighting chickens. But there’s a third F-word that applies just as well. Because in Kentucky, bestiality is not a crime. So when Joshua Woltmon finishes probation in July 2019, perhaps he’ll move to Kentucky and pick up where he left off. Only this time, he won’t have to worry about the legal ramifications of his habit.