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Week of 7/31/2017 – wtfky
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Week of 7/31/2017

Week of 7/31/2017

Ipswitch SD man charged with bestiality for raping calf

Farmers in South Dakota are lucky. Pierre outlawed bestiality, so when a farmer in Bath caught this 56-year-old man raping his four-week-old calf, the man was arrested and now faces two felony counts.

The Aberdeen News reports a deputy stated James Schumacher of Ipswitch SD had a “legitimate reason” to be on the farm where he was apprehended. I trust that reason was something other than getting it on with a newborn bovine.

In light of the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s adamant opposition to last year’s bestiality bill, it’s interesting to consider South Dakota’s cruelty statutes. The stated reason for opposing a bestiality ban in Kentucky was that farmers could be charged for engaging in standard animal husbandry practices. According to current South Dakota law, a person can be found guilty of a felony if they “[u]se any part of the person’s body or an object to sexually stimulate an animal.” Sounds like ranchers and farmers in SD and all over the world might meet that criterion.

So how many South Dakota farmers have been arrested for artificially inseminating livestock, anyway?

I think I already know the answer to that one.