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Week of 08/14/17 – wtfky
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Week of 08/14/17

Week of 08/14/17

Virginia dog breeder/trainer investigated for "crimes against nature"

A Virginia dog breeder/trainer is under investigation for (among other things) a video in which he and his wife “get it on” with a Doberman Pinscher. Owning zoosexual porn is legal in VA, but zoosexual activity is not.

A Virginia “crimes against nature” statute was enacted in 1661. The original law prohibits sodomy, fellatio and bestiality. Because it criminalized sodomy and fellatio between consenting adults, the VA statute required judicial review after the USSC reversed Lawrence v. Texas in 2003. Virginia subsequently revised its law and limited “crimes against nature” to incest and bestiality.

Unlike Virginia, Kentucky has yet to pass a constitutionally valid bestiality ban that would replace its “crimes against nature” law. So Richard Patterson (the alleged animal rapist now under investigation in Virginia) could be convicted of a felony if the video is allowed as evidence. But if he were raping animals in Kentucky, life would still be hunky-dory for Mr. Patterson.

It’s not for lack of trying that Kentucky hasn’t yet re-banned bestiality. Activists drafted an excellent bill in the 2017 legislative session, but that died in committee thanks to pressure from the Kentucky Houndsmen and Kentucky Farm Bureau.

We already know that people who rape animals tend to rape or otherwise harm humans, too. As legalized bestiality states become fewer and farther between, we must press Frankfort for a criminal bestiality statute with teeth. If we don’t, Kentucky will soon become the last refuge for animal rapists. And at that point, parents of young children would be wise to relocate their families to places where caring about kids is more than a cheesy caption on a license plate.