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Week of 9/25/2017 – wtfky

Week of 9/25/2017

Week of 9/25/2017

Last week, a convicted child predator was charged under Ohio’s new bestiality law. Face it: predation on children and predation on animals are often perpetrated by the same criminals. But in the Bluegrass State, they aren’t criminals unless and until they do it to a child.

Why is Kentucky one of just five states plus the District of Columbia where sex with animals is still legal? Is it because the Kentucky General Assembly believes animals are just property, so humans can do whatever we want to them? Don’t our lawmakers care about the children whose lives these perverts destroy? Or are we Kentuckians so smug and oblivious that we do nothing while our communities become hunting grounds for scores of emboldened degenerates?

And where are our church leaders and faith groups? Can they remain silent while this evil licks its lips and strolls naked through our shops, our parks, our schools?

I thought Kentucky cared about children. I thought we were better than this. But I’m starting to wonder.

While child predator and dog rapist Scott Turner of Cleveland is in jail, he will have time to think about relocating. The Buckeye State no longer tolerates animal rape. But just South of the Ohio River awaits a paradise where it isn’t even a misdemeanor unless the animal is physically injured. I hope Turner stays in Cleveland, but would anyone be surprised if he set his sights on a new Kentucky home?