Welcome to new members

First, thank you for registering your user account on wtfky.org — it’s a work in progress, I admit. Honestly, I couldn’t delay launching this website and inviting everyone in. We have a big job to do, and we’re going to need a lot of help. To outlaw bestiality in Kentucky, we’ll need to out-maneuver the special interests in Frankfort. It’s going to take work and coordination. But with so many new folks getting involved, WE CAN DO IT.

So tell your friends! It doesn’t matter whether they’re (or you’re) pro-animal or not. Animal rapists still come and go as they please in our state. And that means our most vulnerable citizens (not just animals!) are still at greater risk of becoming victims of sexual violence.

Now that you have an account, please complete your profile. You should make sure we at least have your house/senate districts. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you’re not sure which House and Senate Districts to enter, there’s a link on the form that will help you find that information in under a minute.

Very soon, I’ll be telling you about a grassroots movement designed to overcome the General Assembly’s reluctance to do anything that might anger the Kentucky anti-animal lobby. Want a hint? It’s going to involve constituents from every legislative district in the Commonwealth.

Again, thank you for your commitment to a safer, more humane Kentucky — and welcome to WTFKY.