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Week of 9/18/2017 – wtfky

Week of 9/18/2017

Week of 9/18/2017

Kevin Clark Nicholas arrested for bestiality videos depicting children

I was skeptical when I first heard bestiality is connected with child exploitation. But in less than a year, I’ve seen too many recent news reports (like this one) of kids and animals who are simultaneously violated.

Kevin Clark Nicholas was arrested recently in West Virginia. He’s accused of uploading nearly a dozen child porn videos to an online storage service.

The case started with a tip to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, who brought in West Virginia State Police. An investigation began in March of 2017.

The complaint against Nicholas notes five more videos of minors engaging in bestiality were found on a cell phone seized when police searched the suspect’s home on April 27.

Distributing/Exhibiting materials depicting minors engaged in sexual activity is a felony in West Virginia. And while Charleston considered a bill this year that would ban it, bestiality remains legal today in the Mountain State. Not including the District of Columbia, there are just five states where bestiality is not a crime. In states like Kentucky where bestiality is legal, busting child predators is harder. Prosecutors can’t charge offenders with bestiality unless it’s a crime. And since zoophilic porn often involves children, we can’t help wondering how many kids are sexually exploited in our state because of Frankfort’s obstinate refusal to outlaw bestiality.