Why do you need to know my House/Senate districts?

It’s been said that the government is watching us through our microwave ovens. Clearly, we can’t be too careful with our private information.

So when you register for a user account on wtfky.org, you may be shocked to discover we’re asking not just for your name, email and phone number — but also for your Kentucky House and Senate district numbers.

This isn’t so we can steal your identity, sell your marketing information to spammers, or force you to buy Girl Scout cookies. We’re just not like that.

We want to know your House and Senate districts because we’re setting up meetings between Kentucky legislators and their constituents. And unless we know which districts are yours, we’ll have no way to match you with your legislators. Politics are tricky that way.

If you’re still feeling a little creeped out because of the district numbers thing, enjoy a hot cup of tea or a shot of bourbon and try again in a few minutes. Eventually, you’ll probably discover it’s not such a big deal.